CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) — On this week’s Inside West Virginia Politics, host Mark Curtis discusses a variety of topics including the first anniversary of George Floyd’s Death and the impact in West Virginia, the Mountain’s State’s decreasing population, and the debate of the closure of the Mitchell Power Plant in Marshall County.

What has changed in WV since George Floyd’s death?

In Segment 1, 13 News Reporter Moriah Davis shares Charleston’s black community’s thoughts on what has changed what hasn’t changed since the death of George Floyd, who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer.

Tuesday, May 25 marked the first anniversary of Floyd’s death.

The horrible incident was caught on video and police body cameras, which lead to nationwide outrage demanding justice for police reform, including here in West Virginia.

People in the community said they haven’t seen many changes within the city, but what has changed is how people fight for their rights behind the scenes.

The death of George Floyd also sparked renewed calls for the removal of the Stonewall Jackson Statue from capitol grounds. 13 News Reporter Larisa Casillas spoke with activist James Cochran, who was in the thick of the efforts surrounding removing the Stonewall Jackson statue, organizing rallies, collecting thousands of signatures on a petition, and even fasting in front of it last year.

However, the statue remains as the Governor and the State Capitol Grounds.

Can we save WV’s population from decreasing more?

In Segment 2, Brian Dayton, Vice President of Policy & Advocacy for the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, discusses business and politics in the Mountain State.

Dayton addresses topics such as the decline in population, the WV Ascend Program to attract remote workers and the job market before and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information on the latest updates or to make a complaint about an issue you care about visit the West Virginia Public Commission’s website.

Should WV look into power alternatives?

In Segment 3, Emmet Pepper, the Legal and Policy Director for Energy Efficient WV, discusses the closure of the Mitchell Power Plant in Marshall County.

Pepper also said West Virginia should start looking toward other energy sources to power the state.

Why WV should keep the Mitchell Power Plant

In Segment 4, Chris Hamilton, President of the WV Coal Association shares his thoughts about the closure on the Mitchell Power Plant and how closing it down would be a financial large hit to West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle.