No end in sight for W.Va. teacher strike


“Whose house? Our house! Whose house? Our house!” shouted teachers.

Angry teachers protested at the capitol again, after the Senate leaders refused to vote on a five percent education pay raise that was passed by the House Wednesday night. State troopers would also get that amount, and other state employees three percent. Republican leaders said it is not affordable.

“I think that to rely upon money that was found over night, for a pay raise is a horrible economic condition in which to put yourself,” said State Sen. Mitch Carmichael, (R) Jackson – Senate President.

“If we give five percent, what happens is, that we may not be able to afford that next year and the following year. What do you do? Do you go over and take money out of medicaid? Where do you cut the state government?” said State Sen. Craig Blair, Chairman, (R) Berkeley – Finance Committee.

Democrats are deeply disappointed.

“I’m concerned that the Senate will play games, and not pass the pay raise for the teachers, service personnel and state troopers. Or if they do intend to pass it, that they won’t do so until several days goes by,” said Del. Tim Miley, (D) Harrison – Minority Leader.

“Let’s get it done. The majority of people behind us say they want this done. And they want their teachers back in the classroom. The teachers want back in the classroom., They want to teach students,” said State Sen. Roman Prezioso, (D) Marion – Minority Leader. 

But no one was more disappointed than the teachers.

Senate leaders said if there is extra money, it should go to fund PEIA, not more teacher raises.

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