Tuesday, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., met with WBOY reporters to discuss a lawsuit filed against Congress concerning the Affordable Care Act.

The Texas-led lawsuit, which was filed earlier this year claims that the decision from Congress to eliminate the individual mandate penalty, should render the entire health care law invalid.

Sen. Manchin said 800,000 West Virginians could be affected.

Sen. Manchin said:

“When you have your eldery population and your gonna say now if you had a pre existing condition, your either going to have to pay an extra ordinary, high price for this, or we’re not even going to to offer it you, or if you’re older you’re going to have to pay more because of your age. We’re trying to balance this out to where people can live a better quality of life, a better productive life.”

The repeal of the individual mandate penalty will go into effect in 2019.