CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey released a video on Tuesday, reflecting on the work that’s been done and what is yet to come.

In the video, which Morrisey tweeted, he said he has not yet decided whether he would run for Senate or try for the governorship.

“I’ll just say, hold the line and wait. Don’t settle for second best. We’re coming, and I’m still evaluating my options as to whether I’m gonna run for U.S. Senate or for governor,” Morrisey, a Republican, said.

Earlier in the video, he commended the defense of the Integrity in Women’s Sports law, which prevents individuals from joining sports teams that do not align with their biological sex, regardless of their gender.

He also called upon West Virginians to keep pushing for fentanyl to be classified as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, to allow for a greater response to the rise in overdose deaths from fentanyl.

He followed this by encouraging the public to push back against ESG (Environmental Social Governance), which is an analytical and socially-conscious approach to dealing with environmental issues. He said there are lawsuits in the works to help fight it.