Senator Manchin discusses FCC’s decision to end net neutrality


Senator Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., discussed Tuesday his disapproval of the FCC’s decision to end net neutrality Monday.

The FCC voted in December to repeal the Obama-era regulations, but it’s just now taking effect.

The rules required online service providers to treat all internet traffic the same.

Sen. Manchin said the internet should belong to everyone for free.

Sen. Manchin said: 

“What we’re saying in a nutshell, ‘who owns the internet?’  I believe very strongly that the internet is owned by me, you, and all the people in west virginia, and the entire country.  It was something devloped by our tax money through our government. That’s ours, ok.  Now they wanna turn it over and give all the control to the large coproprations, to where they’re gonna be able to control the speed and acess, and you have to pay for all these different things.  Right now, I think we can work with the private sector to be able for them to develop a business model without detriment to the openness of the internet, the free internet.”

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