For the first time, voters in West Virginia will need something more than just their word if they want to vote.

West Virginia’s new Voter ID law takes effect with this primary election, so voters should be sure they have what they need when going to the polling place.

“Basically, the first thing they can bring is their driver’s license or photo ID.  If they don’t have that, they can bring a passport or a utility bill that’s within six months, their voter’s registration card. There’s several forms of identification that’s acceptable,” said Cindy Rowan, Lewis County clerk.

Voters need to be sure they are going to the right place, too.  If they turn up to the wrong polling place, their vote won’t be guaranteed.

“Usually the poll workers will call us to see where they are.  Maybe they’ve gone to the wrong precinct, or maybe they’re voting and their new precinct, which is acceptable, they will just vote a provisional ballot,” Rowan said.

Anyone with questions about the new rules will also have resources available to find answers on the Secretary of State’s website, and at the polls on Tuesday.

“They can ask a poll worker there. If they have a question before they go to the polling place, they’re more than welcome to call our office. We have somebody in the office by 7 o’clock in the morning. Our number is (304) 269-8215,” said Rowan.