WV Gov. Justice reacts to President Trump’s election comments


CHARLESTON, W.Va. – During a virtual news briefing Wednesday, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice was asked for his reaction to controversial comments made by President Donald Trump, early Wednesday morning, about his race against Joe Biden.

Gov. Justice said he didn’t see President Trump’s comments, but that he did hear “people said he wished he wouldn’t have said that.”

The governor did offer nearly four minutes of comments on the subject, including:

“I’m not Donald Trump, I’m not Donald Trump, I’m Donald Trump’s friend and I think he’s done a heck of a job and there’s times when Donald Trump’s personality is Donald Trump’s personality, but he led this nation is so many different ways and it’s a tough, tough job and he had lots and lots of people shooting at him all the time.

What we need to be doing is saying prayers for our leaders and our president and everything in every way.

Now, when it really boils right down to it, let’s be brutally honest, a lot of these mail-in ballots and not verifying signatures and everything, whether they are or they aren’t, is not an argument for me. Whether it could be an invitation for fraud, it can be and I mean, that’s all there is to it. The likelihood of it being that is probably fairly high in some places,(comparing it to fraud the state dealt with while processing unemployment checks during the pandemic.)

Here’s a guy that worked really hard and sacrificed an awful lot for us as a nation and did an incredible job in many, many, many different areas and really I mean if he’s frustrated about something that’s extremely likely(voter fraud), we don’t need to attack his personality. I mean his personality is his personality.

I wouldn’t have said it, but at the same time, I’m not Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s not Jim Justice, so we’re all different, God made us that way, thank goodness.

I do understand completely his comments and I absolutely believe, with all in me, that there is fraudulent activity, because it is just too ripe of an invitation for it not to be. It had to be, that’s all there is to it. I wish to goodness that we could’ve all gone to the polls and voted, but I do understand to that you’ve got people that are afraid. We’re dealing with a pandemic, I get it! They want to vote and vote from home. I get every bit of it. Tough, tough balancing act.

I think first and foremost that prayer, rather than attack somebody’s personality, and everything, is the best way to go.

WV Gov. Jim Justice

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