KINGWOOD, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Preston County Chamber of Commerce recently received a grant for a historic sign that recognizes the County’s favorite food.

This “Buckwheat Cakes” sign was installed on June 22 across from the Kingwood Community Building. Buckwheat cakes are served annually at the community building during the Buckwheat Festival.

Buckwheat cakes were popularized in 1938 by farmers who lived in Preston County. They grew the buckwheat crop and then milled it into flour before making them into thin cakes that are served with syrup. The community building even has signs that lead to a “mill room” and “buckwheat room.”

The William C. Pomeroy Foundation issued the grant to the Chamber of Commerce, and Executive Director Kristy Ash wrote it. This foundation is committed to supporting the celebration as well as the preservation of community history.

“When someone hears Preston County, they associate that with the Buckwheat Festival, and we take pride in the buckwheat festival,” Ash said. “You know, of course, buckwheat cakes are a huge part of that, so I think that the community, you know, sees the sign and they, you know, they recognize the importance of the festival and the pride that it brings to the area.”

Ash grew up going to the festival with her family, so this project was something that she was excited to do for the community.

Preston County’s Chamber of Commerce serves the business community for its home. It wants to help in promoting businesses and collaborating together to keep Preston County businesses rising.

If you are in the mood for some buckwheat cakes and seeing the new sign, the festival will be held from Sept. 29 through Oct. 2. To find the schedule and updates, you can find more information here.