KINGWOOD, W.Va. — On Friday afternoon, the court for the annual Buckwheat Festival was announced. On the court is one king, one queen, two maids of honor, and two escorts.

A first look at the court.

Five boys vied for the king spot while 14 girls went for queen. In the end, JJ Reese and Keely Gregory were given the crowns and named king and queen. The first two runners up for king, Evan Harsh and Jacob Burns, became the escorts; Kiley Christopher and Lyndsey Bucklew, the runners up for queen, became the maids of honor.

The timeline for naming this year’s Buckwheat Festival court was different than in years past. While the process ordinarily kicks off in November and ends in April, this year it began in June. Due to the pandemic, organizers wanted to wait and make sure they would be able to hold a festival as they had in previous years.

“We’re saying we’re going full-steam ahead, which basically we are,” said William Lindley of the Kingwood volunteer fire department. “But we’re adapting as things change.”

With the court set, the Buckwheat Festival will be held from September 30-October 3. Until then, the court will be featured in a number of community events.