TUNNLETON, W.Va. – A Fairmont musician is spending the next few days in June to make his new music video “Muddin’.”

Thirty-year-old Robby Comas grew up in Fairmont, where he learned his love for music through his father, Chuck Comas. Chuck Comas started playing music after he served in Vietnam. Sometimes while performing, he would bring Robby Comas up on stage at only six months old. When Robby Comas was eight years old, he began writing songs. His first song was titled “Twinkle Twinkle, my Shining Star.” The first instrument he learned to play were the drums.

The music video for “Muddin'” is about how country guys and girls get to go out and have a blast. Riding on backroads and spitting up some dirt. Comas said, “There’s nothing better, especially when surrounded by nature in God’s country.”

James Sandy Pinkard will also be featured in the music video to come. Pinkard is known for his music but mostly the two songs, “You’re the Reason God made Oklahoma” and “Coca-Cola Cowboy.”

Inspiration for the song came when Toby Keith wrote the song “Red Solo Cup.” Comas did not like the song and told his dad he could write a song better than it in five minutes. He wrote his song “Muddin'” in five minutes; he said he will leave it up for others to judge, but that is how the song came to be.

When talking about how he feels to be representing West Virginia in his music, Comas stated, “If it influenced great people like John Denver to sing songs, even do covers of it, but I can’t think of all of the great songs. But it’s a beautiful state, it makes me happy to be able to represent this state, and hopefully I can go all the way like Mr. Brad Paisley.”

Comas has been a part of multiple local performances. He has sung and played guitar at the Mon River Games and Bluegrass Feast, performed for the WV Flood Relief Concert, and even went on to “America’s Got Talent” during his second trip to Nashville in 2012.

Comas’ wife, friends, dad and family inspired him and made him want to do more with his musical career. He wants to send his thanks to all of the good people he has been surrounded by throughout his journey.

He said he would also like to thank his video director and videographer, Heidi Moran and Ryan Helmert, who helped produce his last music video, “Wild and Wonderful.” If interested in Moran and Helmert’s work, you can check them out on their Instagram and Youtube:

They are hoping that by the end of the year, the “Muddin'” music video will be launching. Keep a lookout on Robby Coma’s Facebook, Youtube, and iHeart Radio for future projects and videos.