KINGWOOD, W.Va. (WBOY) – Preston County has tested its electronic voting equipment and is ready for next month’s general election.

Preston County Clerk Linda Huggins held a public test today saying she and her staff are required by law to have the equipment tested before early voting begins. Huggins said everything went smoothly and early voting will go as planned beginning Oct. 26 at the Kingwood Shopping Plaza Corner Mall.

She says testing the equipment for all 28 precincts gives her the confidence needed to run a smooth election for the voting public on Nov. 8.

“We want to cross all of our t’s and dot all of our i’s and make sure everything is balanced,” said Higgins. “So, when there is a question, and if we would have to hand count, I don’t have to worry that everything would come out okay.”

Huggins said County Commissioners were required to attend Thursday’s testing, and it was open for the public to see as well.

More information about voting in Preston County can be found here.