KINGWOOD, W.Va. (WBOY) – Preston County Commission awarded four mini-grants, and the Economic Development Authority presented a new website on Tuesday.

Four Preston County organizations were given grants totaling $39,582.

  • Preston County Court Appointed Special Advocates: $5,000
  • Run For It with the Tucker Community Foundation: $3,000
  • Preston County Camp Board: $26,582
  • Parents As Teachers program: $5,000

“We do well in Preston County, but we never have an abundance of extra to do anything additional,” said Samantha Stone, Preston County Commission President, “but this year, we had a good carryover, allowing us to have a little bit of extra that we can for the first time in a while fund some of these smaller projects.”

Next, the Economic Development Authority presented a new website at with a modern look to help promote Preston County.

“Anybody who has the opportunity to check out that website that they hop on and do that, we worked very hard to get that running and it is truly a very accurate and wonderful website that is going to help promote Preston County and the growth here,” said Stone.

The website will offer everything about Preston County and have a community calendar to show upcoming events.

“If you’re looking to come to Preston County, you can find just about anything you want to know about Preston County in an external link that will direct you there,” said Stone.

Anyone can submit requests to the Preston County Commission for a mini-grant application.

To find out more information on the Preston County Commission and the meeting minutes click here.