KINGWOOD, W.Va. – The Preston County Commission awarded $700,000 for water & sewage infrastructure improvements around the county on Tuesday.

The first award of $500,000 was given to the town of Terra Alta for a new water tower. The original request for funds was $390,000, but this figure was done in 2019 and didn’t account for 2022 price changes.

Secondly, $200,000 was awarded to the town of Rowlesburg for sanitary sewer improvements, though the Preston County Commission needed questions answered before funds could be awarded.

“Well if Preston County want’s to see people remain here and we want to see growth and attract business here, we need to have our infrastructure in place,” said Samantha Stone Preston County Commission President, “Any of the Infrastructure Projects that you look at are certainly valid needs for our communities here in the county.”

All funding for these new water and sewage projects is from the $6.48 million received through the America Rescue Plan Act.

Here are the current ARPA Funding Requests from the Preston County Commission notes as of July 19, 2022:

  • Arthurdale Heritage ($65,759) – for outdoor event space and a security system.
  • City of Kingwood sanitary sewer ($150,000) – funds for sanitary sewer grinder pumps.
  • Denver Water Association ($500,000) – water system replacement and upgrade.
  • Friends of the Cheat ($154,000) – for a two mile section on the cheat river rail trail.
  • Kingwood Water Works ($252,000) – for clarifier covers.
  • Preston County Parks and Recreation Commission ($225,084) – for Tunnelton Rail Trail Park.
  • Preston County Sewer PSD ($150,000) – for Hazelton WWTP upgrades.
  • Preston County Sewer PSD ($500,000) – sanitary sewer improvements.
  • Preston County Workshop ($85,200) – expansion of production & processing capabilities.
  • Preston County Youth Center ($236,058) – to complete the construction.
  • PSD#1 ($670,000) – for waterline extension & Masontown interconnection.
  • PSD#4 ($155,712) – raw water source project.
  • Town of Masontown ($75,000) – sanitary sewer upgrades.
  • Town of Newburg ($200,000) – for Independence water line extension.
  • Town of Newburg ($125,000) – sanitary sewer upgrades.
  • Town of Reedsville ($37,500) – sewer evaluation & engineering improvements.
  • Town of Rowlesburg ($200,000) – sanitary sewer improvements.
  • Town of Terra Alta ($390,000) – for water system extensions & water plant upgrades.
  • WVU Extension ($134,174) – SNAP Stretch for one year.

“The county coordinator works hard to make sure the commissioners are educated on the issues at hand so we can make great decisions,” said Commissioner Stone.

Commissioner Stone talked about how the Preston County Commission is going to continue to work through these projects. The commission is always busy behind the scenes and what people see is nothing compared to what goes on in the office.

“The [Preston County] Commission is forward focused on a lot of things that are going on in the county and excited that through a pandemic we have been able to find an ounce of positive and that’s this funding that we are able to interject in our communities,” said Commissioner Stone.

To find out more information on the Preston County Commission, click here.