TERRA ALTA, W.Va. (WBOY) — Preston County farmers are bringing their businesses into the 21st century with marketing training.

On Wednesday, the Preston County Chamber of commerce hosted an event to teach farmers in the area how to utilize social media and advertisements.

Guest speaker Dee Singh-Knights said farmers are already great at growing their products, and now, she wants them to be great at communicating and marketing to customers.

“Customers now are not looking for that ‘okay, what’s the traditional thing? I have to come out to the farm and learn about the farm.’ They want to be able to just tap into their devices and know where these products are,” Singh-Knights said. “A lot of people have been ‘Well, I haven’t been here. I didn’t even know it existed.’ So, it really is important that we understand that if people don’t communicate people aren’t going to know that we’re here.”

Singh-Knights stressed the importance of using all kinds of technology like websites and social media to step up their marketing to the next level.

Farmers at Marketing Training at Sticklers Farm Eats at Rag Tavern (WBOY Image)

“I always say if you’re growing a product but you’re not communicating with the customer it’s like a guy winking at a girl in the dark. They know what they’re doing but the girl certainly does not. So, we’re trying to have them not wink in the dark,” Singh-Knights said.

The Preston County Chamber of Commerce has established a farm and agricultural committee to continue to support the farmers in their area with events like these.

“Preston County has more farms than any other county in the state of West Virginia. So, we felt that it was important to recognize them as a business. So many of them sell their produce and we have people with lamb and beef and that type of thing, so we recognize them as part of the business community and wanted to offer them benefits,” Kristy Ash, executive director of the Preston County Chamber of Commerce said.  

The Preston County Chamber of commerce will continue to recognize farmers with a farm-to-table dinner on Aug. 27.

All the food for the event was provided by Sticklers Farm’s ‘Eats at Rag Tavern’ restaurant in Terra Alta.