ARTHURDALE, W.Va. (WBOY) — A Preston County teacher has been charged after a student reported four incidents of abuse involving duct tape took place “in the middle of class.”

On Oct. 13, troopers with the Preston County detachment of the West Virginia State Police met with the Preston County prosecutor’s office about a child abuse case reported against Cassandra Sisler, 43, of Terra Alta, at a school in Preston County, according to a criminal complaint.

A photo of Cassandra Sisler posted by her campaign for Preston County Democratic Committee

On the West Virginia Education Association website, Sisler is listed as the president of the Preston County chapter of the organization, and as a teacher at West Preston Middle School.

However, according to the Preston County Board of Education, Sisler was a teacher at Central Preston Middle School during the time the incidents were alleged to have happened.

During the course of the investigation, a boy stated that “his teacher,” whom he identified Sisler, “put duct tape over his mouth from ear to ear” on Oct. 2 “in the middle of class” and “after he took the tape off, his mouth and his lips were sore,” troopers stated.

On Oct. 3, the complaint alleges that Sisler “put duct tape over [the juvenile’s] mouth from ear to ear” … “in the middle of class”; On Oct. 4, Sisler once again is alleged to have duct taped the boy’s “mouth from ear to ear” and “also grabbed his hands and wrapped his wrists in duct table,” according to the complaint.

Additionally, the juvenile stated that on Oct. 5, Sisler “got stronger tape and wrapped it around his head over his mouth and onto his shoulders,” troopers said.

Sisler has been charged with four counts of child abuse. She is out on a bond of $10,000 per charge, for a total of $40,000 bond paid.

Preston County Superintendent Brad Martin said that he “cannot comment on the employment status” of Sisler at this time, but did state that the Board of Education “contacted the appropriate authorities and are cooperating and taking all necessary actions while the situation is being investigated.”