KINGWOOD, W.Va. – The Preston County News & Journal’s 2022 Preston County’s Top Picks has been announced.

According to a release from Vandalia Health, Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital Physical Therapy & Fitness Center was proclaimed the number one rehabilitation center in Preston County.

As part of the Readers Choice Awards, Amanda Stuchell, a physical therapist that’s been with Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital Physical Therapy & Fitness Center for nearly 20 years, was named the number one physical therapist.

“I am blessed to be a part of the wonderful rehab team as well as to have the opportunity to provide a much-needed service in the community that I grew up in,” said Stuchell.

Bruceton Office (L-R): Candie Frankhouser, Jody Varda, Michele Wotring, Ashley Jose and Leo Urena.

According to the release, the Physical Therapy & Fitness Center provides various treatments, such as for “neck, low back, and knee pain, post-operative patients, and orthopedic, neurological and sports injuries.” Their specializations also include lymphedema management and pelvic health, “for specific diagnoses and conditions.”

“We have a very dynamic group of caring therapists that all have their own expertise in the field. This allows for the members of our community to have their needs addressed and receive the highest quality of care,” said Jody Varda, director of physical therapy at Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital. “We regularly exceed national benchmark standards of customer satisfaction year after year. I am beyond proud of our team.”

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