KINGWOOD, W.Va. (WBOY) – You may not look forward to getting a surprise gift from law enforcement, but instead of giving citations, the Kingwood Detachment of the West Virginia State Police is giving back through a heartwarming holiday gesture.

Since Nov. 28, the detachment has been collecting new toys and canned goods through its “State Troopers for West Virginia Needy” campaign to give back to the Salvation Army and Food for Preston.

“I think this is a good way to show that there’s a different side to the State Police,” Kingwood Detachment of the West Virginia State Police Trooper Josiah Nuse said. “A lot of times when people think of a state trooper, they think of traffic tickets and things like that. This is a great way to reach out to community.”

The drive ends on Wednesday, but the detachment is looking for one more push to help out families in need. If you’re interested in donating, you can make drop-offs at the detachment, which is located at 50 J.T. Brammer Lane in Kingwood.

Kingwood Detachment of the West Virginia State Police (WBOY – Image)

“I know it’s coming to an end, but if you got anything, anything at all that you think someone else might need or something that you’ve had for a while that you’re not using, be a toy or clothes or food,” Trooper Nuse said. “We try not to turn anything away ’cause there’s a lot of people around here that could really use it.”

Trooper Nuse is from Preston County and sees the need that the campaign tries to fulfill.

“There’s a lot of people down here that are less fortunate when it comes to having a big Christmas dinner,” Trooper Nuse said. “To them, having some beans and green beans and macaroni and cheese is a big difference.”

While your donation can help make an impact on the community, it can also put you in the giving spirit as well.

“I think it not only helps the community, but it helps in your own way to get into the Christmas spirit by lifting that joy in your heart too,” Trooper Nuse said.