CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Following complaints from a local volunteer fire department, the West Virginia Division of Highways has pledged to have a contractor repair what it describes as a “failed” section of a paving project in Preston County.

In question is a 200 foot section of Aurora Pike that began cracking shortly after it was paved, in mid-October, according to the WV DOH.

The pike is an 11-mile road between Aurora and Terra Alta.

Earlier this month, the Aurora Volunteer Fire Department voiced its concerns with the project in a Facebook post, saying in part: “So after what 30 years of not paving the Aurora Pike we get this joke of a job. There is no way this can be a completed project. If it is, we deserve better.”

In a news release, Friday, the West Virginia Division of Highways District 4 “acknowledges the faulty paving job and has asked the contractor to repair the stretch of road as quickly as possible. The contractor will not be paid until repairs are complete.”

Contractors plan to begin work as early as next week to make the repairs, according to WVDOH officials.