MASONTOWN, W.V.a — Electronic dance music festival Yonderville begins Thursday night in Masontown at Marvin’s Mountaintop, kicking off a weekend of musical talent.

The festival will feature over 100 different musical acts, as well as a variety of artists, vendors, and food trucks. A full list of the musicians in attendance can be found here. The festival will run from June 30 to July 4.

Clothing and souvenir vendors gather at Yonderville (WBOY image)

This year will be Yonderville’s fifth installment, its third at Marvin’s Mountaintop, and festival director Max Stone is optimistic that this will be one of the most memorable years yet, calling it a “dream lineup.”

“We’re doing something that we love and that we get something out of – that we need. You know, to survive in this world, as hard as it is these days and as difficult as it is just to make ends meet, you know having a time and place where you can go to enjoy something that you love, such as music. It’s like, it’s necessary,” Stone said.

Stone also said everyone gathered has everyone’s best interests in mind and isn’t seeking to disturb any local communities.