MILL CREEK, W.Va. – The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office held their second active shooter training at Tygarts Valley Middle-High School on Sept. 13. Students had the day off so the teachers, janitors, lunch ladies, so everyone could participate in active shooter training.

The first portion of the training was lecture, and after lunch, everyone returned for some hands on learning specific to their school, and its layout. Some time was used to familiarize those in the building with the sound of gun shots.

“We’re not just going to stand idly by if something happens, we’re going to take care of business you know, come out of this strong and we want our kids to receive a great education. Education is very important, but preserving life, is the most important, and we just want… we want our teacher to be prepared, God forbid anything tragic every happen here,” said Deputy Rocky Hebb, Randolph County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials said the purpose of the training is to give the school’s personnel the knowledge they need to control whatever the situation may be, until law enforcement arrives.

“We’re making progress every time we do this, we feel confident, we feel stronger, and I can just see it getting better every time we do it. We are going to keep going. All of our schools are getting this, it’s individualized to each building, each area, each type of… elementary versus middle versus high school, and I just think its going to continue to get better and better. Our students safety is our number one top priority in this county, it will always be, and will continue to be, and the protection of our staff,” said Joseph Arbogast, Randolph County Schools Assistant Superintendent.

There are 13 schools that will receive active shooter training in Randolph County.

“As a parent myself, I want these teachers to be able to defend my kids, if need be, and just like any other parent in Randolph County, they send their kids here, they want them protected, and they want them safe. If something bad happens, they want to trust these teachers to know that they are trained, and they can do what they can to get these kids, and get them back home,” said Sergeant Danny Pennington, Randolph County Sheriff’s Office.

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office will be on to their third training at an elementary school later this week.