US Route 219, 250, and 33 and West Virginia Route 92 and 55 all converge in Randolph County on the Beverly Pike, more commonly known as the Beverly 5-Lane.  

The Division of Highways reports each day that are 24,000 travelers or more on the Beverly 5-Lane traveling through this area, and winter weather can make that a little bit tricky.

“That section, between Elkins and Beverly, is our highest average daily traveled section of road.  It has the highest volume of traffic.  It’s an artery,” said WVDOH District Engineer James Rossi.

During the winter months, highway crews work day and night maintaining roads.  Roadways are prioritized by immediate need and traffic frequency making the 5-lane priority one.

Officials said the Beverly 5-Lane is the most heavily trafficked roadway in Randolph County and serves as a popular commute for Randolph and surrounding counties.

“Its an area that we take very seriously on and we try to be aggressive on keeping the priority ones, getting out there, getting on them as quick as we can,” continued Rossi.

“In the winter, those are roadways that see a lot of traffic for people coming in for ski season to enjoy the recreational opportunities.  That probably affects some of the influx with the accidents, as well,” said Chief Deputy Sheriff Bradley Sharp.

Local law enforcement officials have responded to seven reported traffic incidents since November 1 and anticipate an average of one a day during heavy winter weather events.

“If the main roadway is impassible then you are probably not going to have a better opportunity on the secondary road.  Just take your time, drive cautiously, or, if you can wait for the conditions to improve,” said Sharp.”

Local law enforcement officials are urging travelers to take things slow, be cautious, and maintain a safe distance between yourself and our vehicles.