ELKINS, W.Va. – Davis & Elkins College will soon be adding the final piece to the Allen Athletic Fields.

Construction of the Davis Trust Company Player and Press Pavilion will begin once students leave campus for the summer.

Courtesy: Linda Skidmore

The Davis & Elkins College president, Chris Wood, said the pavilion will allow the college to host events they haven’t had the facilities to host in the past.

“It’s the management that takes place at a contest such as that, if you can imagine, before, it was simply a field. Now with the player and press pavilion, we actually have a place for those that are in the management section of that game. Game operations, statistical coordination, our live streaming that takes place at that event, it gives us a place from which we can do all of that. It’s a necessary component for college athletics,” said Wood.

The cost of the player and press pavilion is $275,000, which came from both the Davis Trust Company and Davis & Elkins College Alumni.