ELKINS, W.Va. (WBOY) — Davis and Elkins College welcomed new and returning students for the fall semester this weekend with a variety of activities following the theme, “Expect the Unexpected.”

College officials said this year an orientation crew of upperclassmen has been assembled to help new students get acquainted with the campus and provide guidance. In addition, student-athletes, coaches, faculty and staff were stationed at freshmen residential halls ready to lend a hand with the move-in process. On Sunday, as returning students arrive on campus, new students will attend the Leading the Way First Year Seminar.

“We have 34 counties represented here from WV, we have over 30 states represented, and we have about 21 countries that are represented this year in our freshman class. We have about 13% of our students that are international so we get to enjoy their culture as much as they get to enjoy us. And its just a really great learning atmosphere,” said Angie Scott, Director of Recruitment and Success at Davis and Elkins College.

D&E students return to campus for the Fall 2022 semester.

Scott also said that the weekend has been fun-filled, with the students making their way back to campus after a summer break. She added that there is also a fun week of activities planned for the students on campus.

“On Monday and Tuesday, we’ll be driving around on the golf carts, picking up students taking them to class,” Scott said. “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a first-year student come here and seeing the growth and the opportunity that they have here at Davis and Elkins College with it being a small campus and such a family atmosphere. We really take care of all of our students. We have tons of resources available to them to help them throughout their four years here.”

All students will be treated to the college’s traditional Last Night of Summer Carnival which is presented by the Office of Student Life, Student Assembly and Senator Entertainment. Officials with the college added the evening will feature games, live music, photo dry erase boards and a festive dinner on Myles Plaza.

“We work collaboratively to make sure that our students have everything that they need to be successful here, you know, everybody says that they have that family atmosphere but we truly do. Our staff, our faculty, our administration, they deeply care about our students and make sure they have everything that they need while they are here their four years,” Scott said.