ELKINS, W.Va. (WBOY) – Randolph County Schools and the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department are working together to provide active shooter and reunification training to all schools in their county.

Each school has a different day for its active shooter training, and students will not be in school on that day. Guardians were notified of the training through a letter, where they learned which day their child would not be in school.

Each school in Randolph County, and the date those students will not be in class.

Randolph County Sheriff’s Deputy Rocky Hebb said that they have only directly heard positive feedback about the training, but parents voiced their concerns about children missing school on to social media.

“Education is very important, every child deserves to have a great education, and we provide that here in Randolph County. Life is the most precious gift we all have, and we need to provide as much safety as we possibly can to ensure that these students are safe in these schools, so that they can be provided with the best education possible. I would hope that we get full support from the community. I hope everybody also understands that the most precious gift that we can have is life, and we’ve got to keep that safe as well,” said Hebb, Tygarts Valley Middle High School Prevention Resource Officer.

The first training will be on Thursday, Sept. 8. On that day, there will be no school for students at Elkins High School; they are the first in the county to receive this active shooter and reunification training.