ELKINS, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Mountain State Forest Festival has returned to West Virginia! With festival officials expecting more than 40,000 people to attend over the course of the week, the City of Elkins has released an interactive map to help guide festivalgoers.

The map shows areas that are designated as parking areas and areas that are off limits. It also shows where parades will pass through and where to drive to avoid the festival.

  • Green: Parking Areas
  • Red: Non-Parking Areas
  • Purple: Carnival Area
  • Maroon: Parade Route
  • Blue: Parade Staging Routes
  • Orange: Detour Route

The city specified that information on the map is subject to change. The Forest Festival map page on the city’s website also said that the marked closures will happen during scheduled parades, including the Fireman’s Parade on Friday, Oct. 6 and the Antique Car, Log Truck and Equipment Grand Feature parades on Saturday, Oct. 7.

It also says that Sycamore Street, which is by the Elkins City Park, will be closed for street parking on Thursday.

“In all situations, we advise users to exercise their best judgment and ensure that their parking decisions are in line with local laws and regulations,” said the city. More information about parking regulations and guidance is available here.

For a full Forest Festival schedule, including events, parades and more, click here.