ELKINS, W.Va. – A group in support of the Elkins-Randolph County Public Library (ERCPL) called Friends of the Library is hosting a used book sale at the gutted old Elkins library location. The used book sale will take place at 416 Davis Avenue next week from June 3-5. Visitors will get an opportunity to see the damage that was done as a result of the flooding discovered after last Christmas break.

ERCPL Board of Trustee President Jennifer Morgan said they are hopeful their blueprint designs are available for the public to see and give feedback on.

“Now’s the time, you know, we’re making big changes right now, so now’s the time to let us know, what do you want to see in your library, and in the future of the library?” said Morgan. “We’re going to start right away, we feel that the temporary location is great, but we know that the community needs its library, and we want to see our facility up and running as soon as possible.”

Morgan said it depends on when they can get the project started, but renovation can take up to two years for the Davis Avenue Elkins-Randolph County Public Library.

Proceeds from the used book sale will benefit the ERCPL. Donations will be accepted in support of the renovations to the damaged building.