ELKINS, W.Va. – New items around a home during the holiday season can attract unwanted visitors.

Randolph County Sheriff Robert Elbon urged residents to call 911 and not engage with people they see trespassing outside of their homes.

As a preventative measure, Elbon suggested adding high-definition cameras and proper lighting to properties.

“If they’re breaking into your home, of course, you can protect yourself, you have the right to protect yourself. I’m always gonna say call 9-1-1 and get us coming, stay on the phone and give detail so we know who’s there, where they’re at in your home, and so we know if we’re walking into something with weapons. We just need to be well informed as we approach the home,” said Robert Elbon Jr., Randolph County Sheriff.

According to Elbon, many trespassers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and may not be fully aware of what they are actually doing, so it’s best to just call the police.