MILL CREEK, W.Va. — MSHA has released the final report of its findings following an investigation into a fatal accident at a mine in Randolph County in 2021.

In its preliminary report released Wednesday, MSHA stated that Timothy Collins, 53, a truck driver for HWM Truck Lines, Inc. was fatally injured while conducting a pre-operational examination of a truck. The truck rolled forward and struck him at a mining facility owned by Star Bridge Preparation Plant-Rail Load.

In the final report, MSHA stated that “the accident occurred because the contractor did not: 1) assure truck drivers blocked trucks when parked on a grade, and 2) maintain the truck’s braking system in safe operating condition.”

As a result, MSHA issued a 103(k) order to Star Bridge Preparation Plant-Rail Load, which means the plant’s operator must receive approval from MSHA before it is able to perform mining duties, according to the report. HWM truck lines was also issued two separate citations from the incident, the report stated.

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