ELKINS, W.Va. (WBOY) – A former science teacher received a $10,000 grant to start a LEGO Robotics Team Program in the Elkins area, and he’s looking for kids to participate.

The program is divided into three age groups, from kindergarten to eighth grade. Since the grant awarded to start the program is not reoccurring, there is a cost to participate, and the funds will be used to sustain the program for the future.

Kindergarten to 1st grade: Play and problem solve.

  • Limit: 16 kids
  • Cost to participate: $150

2nd to 4th grade: Understanding how gears and engineering work, basic programming skills.

  • Limit: 24 kids
  • Cost to participate: $300

5th to 8th grade: Building a robot that has to overcome multiple challenges, writing program.

  • Limit: 24 kids
  • Cost to participate: $350

Eric Eisenbrey, Eisenbrey STEM Center director, said this is the only robotics program in the area, and it’s perfect for parents who have kids who may not participate in sports or have any other after-school activity.

“I’ve just always had a real passion for learning myself, and I wanted to try to give kids that chance to find that passion as well. So I was a science teacher for 10 years, and I love science, I love technology and it’s about sharing that experience with kids, and getting them that chance to do something that they wouldn’t normally have access to, and to be able to challenge themselves in ways they may not normally be able to,” said Eisenbrey.

Parents are invited to attend the first meeting to learn about the program on Oct. 3rd at 3 p.m. at the Old Brick Playhouse in Elkins.

“I tried different sports when I was in high school especially, but I didn’t find ones that quite fit me, I did have a chance my freshman year of high school to do some robotics, but that program fell apart after that year, but that, I think, kind of planted that seed that has kept me interested in it,” said Eisenbrey.

You can click here to register a kid for the Elkins Lego Robotics Team Program. The deadline is Oct. 9.