ELKINS, W.Va. – Davis Health System (DHS) launched a new program for teen girls. Girls in schools of Randolph county will get free feminine products to combat issues that may interfere with their learning time. 

“Our goal is to have menstrual product kits available at all the schools in our service area so that when or if students have an incident related to their period, or just start their period without the supplies they need on hand, there is a resource for them to take care of the situation,” said Dr. Anne Banfield, DHS director of Women’s Health Services.

The new program called Period Packs will provide free products for students. 

Davis Health System hopes to expand their program throughout their service area, since a study in 2021 revealed that 500 million females lack access to feminine hygiene products.  

“As we get the program up and running we would be happy to provide a list of the items we will be including in the Period Packs, and accept donations from the community for these items,” said Banfield.

Community members can donate supplies to the program to the Davis Health System in Elkins.  

Period Packs will be available at participating schools free for female students.

The program intendeds to promote the importance of good feminine health and limit time missed in the classroom from any accidents.  

“We don’t want students to have to leave school or miss education time because of lack of supplies in the
schools or lack of affordable supplies – not everyone can afford to use a product vending machine, if the
machine is even available,” Banfield said. “I want to make sure menstruation is not a reason menstruating people in our schools have to leave school or have poor/potentially traumatic experiences.”

The kits will be available in discrete locations at the discretion of each school in the program.