ELKINS, W.Va. (WBOY) — On Thursday, the Randolph County Commission held a regularly scheduled meeting and discussed the most substantial issue regarding Whitmer’s water system.

With the unincorporated community of Whitmer losing its’ water plant and means of clean drinking water, the city of Elkins is legally required to step in and assist, though the price to fix the issue has a high cost.

Maintenance and equipment needs for the plant currently do not have a source of funding with the greatest issue being a discrepancy between what the County Commission expected compared to what was actually presented as the request was nearly $300,000 higher than the expected ask.

The Whiter Water Association Requestion Summary that was presented to the Randolph County Commission listed three items that totaled out to $321,523.25. Specific details on those times can be found here.

“That counts as one request,” said Randolph County Commissioner, Chris Siler, in an interview with 12 News. “That’s not three individual requests. If he wants to do a request for each thing and come to us and present them, then we can vote on that and go from there. Coming in here for one request for all these things then we’re not going to be able at the drop of a hat to come up with $321,000 and write him a check to take care of these things.”

Initially, the Randolph County Commission said that it expected a request for about $24,000, which would have been an easier fix. Siler also mentioned that the commission has no issue in assisting Whitmer, as they have several times prior to its water plant issue.

At this point, it is unknown if this issue will be addressed in the next Randolph County Commission meeting, but residents of Whitmer are still without safe drinking water.

12 News will continue to follow this story as it develops.