ELKINS, W.Va. (WBOY) – Randolph County Commission launches their ‘checkbook website’ on Thursday, becoming the 38th county to go live with Project Mountaineer.

This new system allows decision makers access to accounting systems, gives media access to accurate information, and allows the public to see what their government is doing with their tax dollars.

“It makes it quicker for us to be able to look up and see where we spent money and what we still have money coming in from, and where other departments in the county have spent their money,” said Cris Siler, Randolph County Commissioner, “we want to be transparent, we want people to know where the money is going so that there is not any rumor or question about what we are doing with their money.”

State Auditor JB McCuskey spoke on how this website shows full transparency and holds elected officials accountable.

“Project Mountaineer has made West Virginia the most transparent state and local government place in the United States of America,” said JB McCuskey, “This site has a bunch of great applications but the most important one is that it starts to rebuild the trust is it starts to rebuild the trust between taxpayers and their government, and it enables us as government officials to move boldly forward to do things that better our communities knowing that our constituents are going to see what we did and they are going to hold us accountable to our actions.”

44 out of the 55 counties in West Virginia have joined the Project Mountaineer checkbook site, and this site allows anyone to see how every dollar is spent in real-time.

To find Randolph County’s new checkbook website you can click here.

Additionally, Auditor McCuskey talked about how you, the taxpayer, can go take the surplus challenge on the WV checkbook website and help elected officials see what you want them to spend the billion-dollar tax surplus on.

Taxpayers can take the 1 billion dollar tax surplus challenge and help elected officials spend tax dollars on what they want. (WBOY Image)