BEVERLY, W.Va. – The Beverly Heritage Center opened two new attractions. 

On Saturday, officials cut the ribbon to the newly restored Randolph County Jail of 1841. 

Cutting the ribbon to the restored Randolph County Jail of 1841 (WBOY Image)

One of the rooms is an exhibit space that replicates a jailer’s office in the 1800’s. The other room is an escape room with a prohibition bootlegging theme.  

Staff with the heritage center said Beverly is a hidden gem. They feel they can attract people to its history through these new exhibits. 

“Beverly is more than just a series of old buildings,” Christopher Mielke, executive director of the Beverly Heritage Center, said. “We have a community here full of people who really, really care about keeping things looking nice and about telling the stories of our history here … There are so many wonderful stories here and so many bizarre stories.”

The entire restoration process took around nine months to complete.  

The escape room will be open on June 1. The puzzle in the escape room includes six mugshots. People need to figure out who they can trust and who’s the one that betrayed them to escape. Tickets and reservations can be found here.  

Inside the restored jail with the original cell bars (WBOY Image)

All funds raised from the exhibits will go towards restoring more of the building back to its original history. The Beverly Heritage Center staff members hope to eventually use the funding to turn the upstairs portion of the building into an Airbnb.