ELKINS, W.Va. – On Thursday, the Randolph County Sheriffs Department received a new tactical vehicle thanks to students at the Randolph Technical Center.

Collision repair students from the Randolph Tech Center transformed an orange and white box ambulance into an Sheriff Special Response Team Tactical Vehicle.

During the past six months, these tech students put in over 200 hours of work, re-sanding the vehicle, taking the doors apart, doing bondo work on rust spots, re-priming it and repainting the vehicle.

“It’s a great project for the students, it’s a great project for the community, the school here is always about community service and giving back to the community,” said John Daniels, Principal and CT director of the tech center.

The Randolph County Sheriff Department said that this tactical vehicle will be a valuable asset when responding to future emergencies.

“We’ll use this vehicle for a long time, cause it doesn’t get run that much so it’s going to last us for a good while,” said Rob Elbon Randolph County Sheriff, “so the kids are going to be able to see this out you know in parades and different places and they will be able to lay claim to it and say ‘hey I worked on that years ago’.”

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