HARMAN, W.Va. – In March, the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office played their first basketball game and was defeated by the Tygarts Valley Middle School, but for their second game, they brought a win back to the office.

On May 12, the sheriff’s office faced the Harman Middle School’s basketball team. Harman had a strong lead of 17-0 until the second period.

For the halftime break, students raced by a foot pedal bike for the fastest time, and the first place boy and girl won a $25 gift card to the movie theater. Teachers were cheered on to race the same course as the kids for entertainment.

”We’re having a good time with these kids. They get to know that they can trust us, and basically just get some rapport with them where they feel they feel comfortable with us. We’re actually going to have some of the kids from Harman play with us on our team. They don’t know it yet, but they’re going to the police academy on Monday,” said Robert Elbon Jr. Randolph County Sheriff.

In the end, the sheriff’s office won by just one point, with a final score of 58-57. For the next game, they will be even closer to home as they face Elkins Middle School.