ELKINS, W.Va. – Heidi A. Hawkins, Chief Probation Officer of the 20th Judicial Circuit in Randolph County, has been named West Virginia Probation Officer of the Year for 2021.

A surprise ceremony on Thursday, where she was given the award in the circuit courtroom in the Randolph County Courthouse in Elkins.

“I am very humbled to be presented the 2021 WV Probation Officer of the Year. The past two years have been full of challenges, but probation officers around the state have worked diligently to maintain a presence in each of our respective circuits and also deserve this award. I am very fortunate to be a probation officer in Randolph County,” Chief Hawkins said.

“A special thank you to my staff,” she said. “Everyone works very hard and truly cares about our community and making a difference. This award is all of ours.”

Chief Hawkins was nominated by the entire Randolph County probation staff. The nominating letter cited her 19 years of work for the West Virginia court system, her hard work and dedication, and her leadership by example.

She is a strong advocate for her office, as well as for her community. She is a wonderful supervisor who is easy to work with and get along with. She sets an example of excellence for the employees under her supervision, displaying a strong work ethic.

Chief Hawkins distributes cases evenly among the officers and herself. In addition to her full caseload, she participates weekly in the county’s juvenile drug court, adult drug court, and family treatment court team meetings and supports the county’s school-based probation officer. Her experience as a social worker, youth services worker, and child protective service worker before she became a probation officer brings insight to these courts that are invaluable.

She has grown the Randolph County Probation Office from two officers to eight by advocating for more officers so that our jobs can be done more efficiently. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Chief Hawkins worked hard to make sure not only the Randolph County Probation Office, but other county offices as well, had the supplies we needed to do our jobs effectively and safely. She spent countless hours looking for sanitizers, masks, gloves, and other protective equipment to keep us safe. She is understanding, dedicated, knowledgeable, and a true asset to Randolph County.

A letter nominating Hawkins
The West Virginia Association of Probation Officers Awards Banquet in 2019 recognized officer Hawkins for 15 years of service at the Marriott in downtown Charleston, W.Va. 15 Year Service Awards: (left to right) Lucy Cruickshanks, Heidi Hawkins and Sean Bryner. September 26, 2019 (J. Alex Wilson image) Courtesy: Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia