Restaurant Road Trip: Sherry’s Roadside Grill


Sherry’s Roadside Grill in Norton may not be well known, but you’ve certainly been close to it.  It sits just off Route 33 in Randolph County.

Turn onto Route 151 toward Norton, and Sherry’s sits along the road, ready to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Owner Sherry Smith and her husband bought the business a couple of years ago, and they have tried to make their own mark.

“We decided to have our own recipes.  We make our own fresh patties every day, and we have our homemade hot dog chili,” Smith said.

It’s those basics that Sherry’s tries to stick to, and they do it well.  Each burger gets made the way people order it, and that way there’s something for everyone who comes by to enjoy.

“We have our locals, our truck drivers, we have two sawmills up the road that we cater to, and we’ve had people out of state that have heard of us that come to eat,” said Smith.

And that’s even more impressive when you hear that most of the advertising Sherry’s has done is by word of mouth.  People around the area have passed on the good word about Sherry’s to their friends, so they know where to go for an excellent meal.

“Close to where I live, because I live out in the country.  Beats going to Elkins or Buckhannon when I’m in a hurry, and the food is good.  You get a hamburger, and you really get a hamburger here,” said regular customer Don Ricottilli.

Sherry’s Roadside Grill is on Route 151 just off of Corridor H in Randolph County and is open from 7 to 7 Monday through Saturday.

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