Road Patrol: Division of Highways discusses pavement on Harrison-Taylor County Line


Many concerned citizens voiced their concern about the lack of fresh pavement on the road as it crosses the Harrison-Taylor County line. The Taylor county side clearly has new pavement. This is located off route 73 on Corbin Branch Road.

“What you see here, is the first thing you do recognize is that you see brand new pavement on across the county line, Taylor county, and Harrison county is still the old beat up roadway.  What you’ve got to understand is that there is a difference in funding.  Once you cross the county line, every county is funded according to its own needs and its own necessities,” said Earl Gaskins, District 4 Maintenance Assistant. 

The Taylor County side was paved earlier last year.  The Division of Highways has an active contract to get the 1.6 mile stretch of road in Harrison County paved within the next year.

“Once they actually start paving here, you’re probably talking three or four days of work.  But there is a lot of prep work prior to that.  We’ve got to come in.  There is an area of slippage that is going on that we’ve got to take care of first.  Try to get some of our shoulders dressed up.  But once the contractors start paving, you’re looking at a couple of days max,” said Gaskins. 

Taylor county has 600 miles of paved roads, but Harrison County has a little more than 900 paved miles.

“And that makes a big difference in the way that funds are distributed.  Obviously in Harrison county, you’ve got the priority routes such as 19 and 20, which has to be taken care of first.  You have route 50, 131.  So, by the time you get to like a route like 73/6, the money has trickled down so far.  Where Taylor County, even though Taylor County is a part of District 4, is the same funding sources.  They have a smaller area that they need to take care of, so obviously their secondary routes get paved quicker than they would in Harrison County,” said Gaskins. 

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