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FAIRMONT, W.Va. – This week’s Road Patrol takes us to a residential neighborhood road in Fairmont that hasn’t been fixed in over four years.

Multiple residents living down Lambert Rd. have called the Division of Highways to see when their road will see proper fixing, but they said they haven’t received a call back. Dale Field has been a resident on the road for 28 years, and said he has never seen the conditions as bad as they are currently.

“I call and they say ‘we never missed ya, we’ll be back.’ Of course they never seem to remember where our road’s at,” said Field. “Everybody down Lambert Rd. works. They pay taxes, and this is what we get as a result. I know a couple people haven’t been out for three weeks because they won’t bring their car up.”

Field’s wife is one of the people who hasn’t been out of the neighborhood for more than a month now because she has spent over $1,000 on car damages. Field said it has reached a point where he hasn’t been able to see some of his relatives in months because no one wants to risk ruining their car to drive less than a mile.

“I was wanting my step son this weekend, and see us for the fourth, but of course his car won’t make it in, so yeah, we get frustrated,” Field said.

With the combined efforts of the Fields, and surrounding neighbors, residents have spent more than $2,000 on grating, graveling, and filling pot holes to make the road drivable.

Now, residents said enough is enough of putting their hard earned cash into fixing what they believe should not have reached this point.

Field said pictures and videos truly don’t do it justice, and if the DOH would drive down it in their personal cars themselves, they would understand why they need it fixed so badly.

“I mean I would ask them to drive down my road yourself, and come to my house and tell me that this road is in good enough shape,” said Field. “If they bring their cars down, their personal cars not the state cars, because I don’t think any of them would.”

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