BEVERLY, W.Va. – It’s one of the first settlements west of the Alleghenies that dates to the era of the American revolutionary war and by the time the Civil War battles were fought, Beverly, West Virginia was established as a county seat.

Beverly was founded in 1790. it is recognized through the designation as much of the town as a National Register Historic District.

When you start your visit, begin it at Beverly’s Heritage Center. It combines the four historic buildings that still stand today and tells the story of the Battle of Rich Mountain, the first campaign of the Civil War.

On July 11, 1861, union regiments under the command of General George B. McClellan attacked and defeated confederate troops defending a strategic mountain pass on the Staunton Parkersburg Turnpike.

The union victory, west of the town of Beverly brought McClellan to national prominence. It gave federal forces control over much of Appalachian Northwestern Virginia and allowed these counties to form a government that eventually led to the creation of a new state: West Virginia.

Several events that you can make a weekend trip out of through the year take place in Beverly. They include the annual Beverly Heritage Days, lantern tours, old fashioned Christmas, and the reenactment Battle of Rich Mountain. The 57-acre battlefield is owned and protected by the foundation it’s named for.

“We have a lot of reenactors that are here and tents, and so forth and set up, so people can see how those men live during that time period. A lot of the things we’re doing here that are demonstrations are things that you would do on a daily basis during the 19th century,” said Darryl Degripp, Beverly ONTRAC liaison.

Historic Beverly Preservation owns a number of community historic buildings. some are open to the public as museums or shops.

Visitors can also see almost every feature in Beverly with little difficulty. You can park your car at the visitor’s center or museum and get a free walking tour guide to the historic buildings.