The Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center in Clarksburg opened it’s door for the first ‘Family Night’.

This was the first public showing for the theatre since re-opening earlier in August.

For family night, the theatre showed the Disney Movie ‘Moana’, with the theatre nearly sold out.

Kids came dressed as their favorite character and even could get a picture with ‘Moana’ herself.

The theater is scheduled to have more family movie nights as well as upcoming plays and performances.

“It delivers, it terms of technology and the movie viewing experience, we’ve got a high definition projection screen, surround sound. But then on top of that, your in this historic Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center. So I think that’s what’s going to set it apart from anywhere else in the area,” said Bobby Rexroad, operations manager  at the theatre. 

Check their website here for a schedule of future events and performances.