BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – One local athlete received big recognition this week as ROAR Sports’ Elijah Saab is named the NFL Flag Football Player of the Week.

ROAR Sports started its flag football team this past Fall and now is getting national attention.

NFL and NFL Flag selects a weekly award winner and this week it’s given to Saab who represents his team and West Virginia as a whole.

“West Virginia isn’t one of those big states that everybody points to for teams and I’m just glad that everybody who was watching that talk show could know that there is talent in other states, not just the state you are in,” Saab said.

Saab was featured nationally on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” show.

“It was pretty cool. My dream is to play in the NFL and win a super bowl and to be on an NFL talk show is one of those first little baby steps that I just really enjoyed. It’s definitely a blessing from God,” Saab said.

Also as the NFL Flag Player of the Week, Saab and ROAR Sports receive a 1,500 dollar equipment grant through the NFL Foundation- something the league will put into good use.

Jaycen (left) and Elijah (right) Saab

Jaycen Saab, Elijah’s father and ROAR Sports’ President, is excited to bring national recognition to his program.

“That’s very cool. It’s nice to see some local talent getting out and getting exposed on a national stage. It’s pretty cool,” Jaycen Saab said.

The flag football Spring season starts again soon with registration starting February 3.

Registration closes March 20 so if you’re interested in getting involved, head to the ROAR Sports website for more information.