SALEM, W.Va. – Dozens of local students had the chance to take part in a drone camp at Salem University Wednesday.

Upward Bound, Salem University and Thrasher Engineering partnered to introduce students to the growing field of drone technology.

The camp also gave students an opportunity to fly drones using state-of-the art VR technology.

Camp organizers said its important to capture students’ interest in STEM education and careers.

“This hands on activity is a whole different perspective, so we are hoping that students can get inculcated to what science and technology will join,” Dr. Javaid A. Syed said. “Because technology is becoming the largest field right now. It has the most job opportunities.”

Students were also split into teams to have the chance to build and fly their own drones.

Organizers said they are holding a larger drone camp involving Harrison County schools sometime in the fall.