Salvation Army gifts 19 fruit baskets to north central WV fire departments


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Day 4 of National Salvation Army Week saw the Salvation Army of Marion, Monongalia and Preston counties in the community showing its support for firefighters.

On Thursday, May 13, the nonprofit gifted 19 fruit baskets to fire departments in all three counties as means of showing appreciation. Three were given away in Monongalia County, along with five in Marion County and 11 in Preston County.

FFD receiving its fruit basket

“When you have gratitude, you say thank you,” Lt. Sheldon Greenland with the Salvation Army said. “It’s something we should be all doing and we’re recipients of people’s gratitude all the time, so it’s easy for us to pass that along.”

Greenland, who helps to run the organization, is also no stranger to showing gratitude. Just two days prior, the Salvation Army gifted nine fruit baskets to police departments in all three counties it serves.

Some of the fruit baskets that were gifted on Thursday

That was also part of Salvation Army Week. In total, 28 fruit baskets were given away.

Greenland said if they had more fruit on Thursday, they would have given more. Regardless, he said, police departments welcomed their gifts with glee.

“They were surprised and grateful,” Greenland said. “It’s something that I think they don’t get often enough, or they hear. Thank you. Thank you for the service that you do for our community because there is a very essential service.”

He continued.  

Lt. Greenland donating fruit baskets on Thursday

I have never experienced losing a home or property, but I’ve been around those who have and I know that that’s a very traumatic experience. And firefighters are first responders for those things. So yeah, the Salvation Army is always there along with other agencies always there to help support those who are going through those things. But, not many people actually support the firefighters in a practical sense like that. So, we just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the community, not just from the Salvation Army but on half of the entire community.

Lt. Sheldon Greenland

The name of the week may say “Salvation Army”, but the goal, in part, is to show appreciation and gratitude for others.

The other goal of the week is to continue the charitable mission of “doing the most good”, Greenland said. Case in point, Day 3 saw the launch of a new feeding program called Hope Cafe, which is capable of feeding 300-400 people every day.

All of this charitable work would not be possible, Greenland said, without community support. “Every penny” donated stays right in local communities.

It’s essentially, neighbors helping neighbors. And even the smallest donations can make a difference in the lives of a family affected by a house fire, the COVID-19 pandemic, or even food insecurity.

Firefighters receiving their fruit basket

“Money is always the easiest way for us to turn things around,” Greenland said. “Because we know exactly what it is that is needed and if we don’t currently have it, then that means we could go and purchase it and provide the services that are needed.”

Greenland said he would like to thank all fire departments who keep communities safe and prosperous. He said they and any other organizations working to better Marion, Monongalia and Preston counties will always have his support and appreciation.

“We’re not the only ones who serve. And the Salvation Army believes in partnerships. We believe in helping other agencies. And we’d love to have other agencies help us with getting the mission that we have, which is to serve suffering humanity, without any discrimination. So, it’s important that we say thank you. We just want to continue to do what we do with excellence, serving our community because we love our community.”

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