School bus service disrupted by Vadis road slip.


The slip on Vadis Road in Lewis County hasn’t been there long, but it’s gotten much worse since it started, and quickly too.  Area residents said it started as a small one, but has since grown across half of one lane of the country road.  It’s now grown so much, school buses will no longer travel into Vadis to pick students up.

“Bus runs have been stopped.  We have to take our kids to Leading Creek school.  From my house to their driveway is eight miles.  This is crazy.  We pay taxes and DMV fees have double for road repair.  Nothing’s being done,” said Vadis resident Leonard Oleson, whose kids attend school in Lewis County.

And it’s problem for the schools too.  Because they can’t bus students normally, they are paying mileage for parents to bring their kids to Leading Creek.  That expense is something the school has to eat, but one they said is preferable to putting their kids at risk.

“A school bus weighs roughly ten tons empty.  And I don’t want the extra weight on there and deal with the ice, snow, and the road giving way when we have 18 kids on the bus,” said Terry Cogar, transportation supervisor for Lewis County Schools.

School officials said they’ve made the Division of Highways aware of the slip, and the DOH is already working on another slip on a road nearby before they’ll move on to the Vadis Road slip.  But Oleson said there’s still a danger to the people who have to drive along there, especially since a second slip is forming on the other side of the hill, and the winter weather means more risk for everyone.

“Parents are going to be running up and down the hillside.  What happens when one of them slides off the road there.  The fire department, they’ve gotta go down that road.  If it ices up and they hit the bank there where the road’s falling in, they’re going to go over the hill too.  It’s a hazard for everybody,” Oleson said.

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