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Taylor County’s Alex Reneman receives national recognition for helping community live healthier


GRAFTON, W.Va. – Alex Reneman was recently recognized as the 2018 Rising Star health coach with a 90 day health transformation program called Wildfit, which he found while searching for answers to his own health issues.

Alex Reneman
Founder and Chairman of Unleash Tygart

“I’m no guru, I just am someone who found that this really works and it really implies here. So I’m excited to see more people come on and maybe we can begin to change some of those statistics about health and wellness in our area. The 90 day health challenge is not like the ordinary “fit fab” where you have to do crazy diets and workouts. It is a process that mainly focuses on your eating habits, something we all can do better,” said Reneman.

“I had struggled for quite some time, years, to find something that really worked. I didn’t just want to lose weight or work out, I needed something that would help me change the way I was living and bring me true health,” said Reneman. “When I found Wildfit, I was a bit skeptical, but upon going through it, I knew it wasn’t just what I needed, but could potentially be what this entire community needs.”

Through his discovery, Reneman said he feels proud to just do his part in bringing the challenge and other health benefits to the Taylor County area to grow and live healthier together.

As the Founder and Chairman of Unleash Tygart, a 501C3 organization working to identify and address the deficits among the Tygart Valley region, Reneman saw an avenue to bring this life transforming health and wellness program to the greater population of Taylor County, and beyond.

“Through surveys, data, and local experience, Unleash Tygart has identified specific pillars of action in our community to address. One of those pillars is health and wellness; while in Wildfit, I saw the potential to marry Unleash Tygart and Wildfit. It has been a great partnership, so far!” commented Reneman.

“Unleashed Tygart has six pillars for how we are trying to support our communites and one of those is the Health and Wellness pillar and so looking at the health and wellness pillar, Wildfit really fits it so well and it fits our culture so well and so having a program like Wildfit that is affective and everlasting to be able to bring to the folks here was a no-brainer. I had to do it,”

The program, Unleash Health, has facilitated several cycles, with another group kicking off August 19.  If you would like more information about it you can email

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