GRAFTON, W.Va. – Each year for mothers day, the International Mother’s Day shrine in Grafton awards a Mother of the Year. Victoria Hoffman of Grafton was named as the 2022 Mother of the Year.

Hoffman is the biological mother to four children, but she is also a foster mom, and she’s currently caring for nine kids.

Hoffman said that there are so many children out there that need a family, and while she did accept the award, she would prefer the spotlight be on the need for foster families like hers.

“If I were in the children’s shoes, and I needed a parent, and you think on your worst day, you would be like the worst parent, I think on our worst day, we would still be better as a parent for a child who doesn’t have a parent, than them not having one at all,” said Hoffman. “You make those connections and you get that trust built, and so forth, you’re making a difference in the lives of these families, most of them are reunified, and its just some cases they’re not able to do that, and when that happens you can step up and help that child through that process, or get them ready for another family that is able to do that.” 

Hoffman said for those who can’t open up their home for foster care, those who do are always appreciative of any help they can get while fostering children. She also said that these families could often use a helping hand for the tasks that may not always get done, like mowing their law.

For families interest in fostering children, they can reach out to their local foster agency or visit the West Virginia Division of Health and Human Resources Adoption/Foster website.

Another way that people can help is to donate items, such as dressers, beds, diapers, etc., to foster agencies and foster “closets”. Then the new or gently used items can be utilized by kids with those needs. Suitcases are also useful because kids often move things in trash bags.