GRAFTON, W.Va. – Summer fun is coming to Tygart Lake. A ribbon cutting for the grand opening of Adventure Lake was held, with officials from the park and the governor’s office, on Tuesday.  

Ribbon cutting ceremony for Adventure Lake

“We’ve been working on this park for about four years,” said Stephen McDaniel, Director of West Virginia Natural Resources. “We’ve remodeled the cabins, we’re in the process of remodeling the lodge, we’ve remodeled the entire dining room, put a new marina in, a million and a half dollars into the marina. But we need more recreational opportunities. We’ve got plenty of boats up here, but there’s not a lot of extra things especially for the kids to do, so we started thinking about reopening the old beach.” 

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the lake has capacity limits and day-of tickets are limited. Guests are encouraged to book reservations beforehand.  

“One thing that COVID has done has taught a whole, another generation about the great outdoors, has taught kids what they can do to enjoy outside in our own back yard in, West Virginia,” said Chelsea Ruby, West Virginia Secretary of Tourism. “So, we’re really excited to see folks continue to come out a little more.”  

Adventure Lake has 25 slides, obstacles and other inflatables, as well as a sandy beach area with lounge chairs for parents to relax. 

The Adventure Lake, is part of a partnership between the West Virginia State Parks system and ACE Adventure Resorts. The upgrade is part of a project through the governor’s office, that hopes to increase tourism to West Virginia by improving the state parks.  

“We’re thrilled to see all the numbers going up. We’ve got over 100% increase in the revenue at the parks, and it looks like we’ve got a great summer season ahead of us,” Ruby said.  

The Park opens Saturday May 22. You can find out how to buy tickets for Adventure Lake on the website.