GRAFTON, W.Va. – Congressman David McKinley has been taking tours of small, rural hospitals in the Mon Health System. On Monday, he stopped at Grafton City Hospital in Taylor County.

The congressman met with staff and administrators from the hospital along with Mon Health administrators. The group discussed the pandemic, the opioid crisis and issues in rural health care. Congressman McKinley spoke of the importance of hearing from those who are on the front line of rural care.

“I think it’s so important — what services they offered during the pandemic, how they survived and how they’re going to go into the future, how we’re gonna deal with it,” said McKinley. “Because not only did we have a pandemic we were dealing with, we had an opioid crisis that was continuing. So, I want to make sure that monies that we were able to put into the pandemic, through the opioids as well. How was it spent and how do we go forward with this? Because we’ve got to keep our health care available and accessible to everyone.”

After the discussion, the congressman took a tour of the hospital.