FLEMINGTON, W.Va. – Flemington Elementary had some feathery visitors on Thursday for students to learn about.

Flying Higher LLC visited the school to teach students about birds of prey. The main attraction was a Southern Bald Eagle, along with four other birds of various sizes.

Jo Santiago holds Tychicus, a red-tailed hawk, (WBOY Image)

Students and staff said they enjoyed the presentation and learned some new things in the process.

“I love doing it because, in that hour that I have with each child, I’m hoping to spark something. I’m hoping to spark inspiration because that’s a contagious thing. I’m hoping to think about what it is they can do with their lives,” said Jo Santiago, the presenter of the demonstration, and birds of prey rescuer for over 30 years.

Students in pre-k have also been learning about bald eagles, and even built a nest for Freedom, Santiago’s Bald Eagle on loan, to use.

To learn more about the birds, the stories of the birds and Flying Higher LLC, you can visit their website here.